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Who is faster??? written by YaKuZa, 2009-03-16 15:03 CET (0 comments)

wh0 iS faStEr cUp

Its a obj run cup , who can quicker bash zeh time .

Cup starts at 20 March (20.03.09) 18:00 CET . Be in our IRC channel #daf.et (plz @ 17:30CET there 30 mins before cup starts) and pm there sNiffi to register you. If you dont do that , you cant play then. Final is 19:45 CET.
Both players can choose a map from our mappool. 3on3CONFIG will be in , NO side!
the last player with lowest time = out .

(If a map turns out to be fullheld by both teams, there will be played a kniferound. This basically means: The team with the highest damage after 1 round in Valhalla wins.)

max players in cup 12 ; 4 spectators allowed.

0/16 Slots


All classes are allowed
Selfkilling = allowed.
Cointoss for Side ( Axis or Allies)
3ON3 CB config.
Shooting & hit with it = forfeit immediately.
No new guids users(show a admin your old guid, maybe he will accept you)
Players with a red yawn, which is younger than 12 months arent allowed.
ALL the players MUST record demos.(if your Opponent's request your demo's and you dont have it,the other team will get forfeit, hard but fair)
One of the team's players must idle at #daf.et to contact with the admins & opponents.
Your team will have to check in at least 10 minutes before brackets will be online
Brackets will be online 5 minutes before your match's starting time. If it's not, patience, It will be as soon as possible.
Results will be updated by giving saying at channel or leaving message to cup admin (admin list is down). Enough to say it one time at private message without highlighting or waiting for comment. the resulets will be updated as soon as we can.
Lineup atleast 4 Player (other wise the team will be not added)
(Make sure you UNBIND weaponbank 2,3,4 to avoid any problems with the shooting = forfeit rule!)
Respect all , dont do shiat.
If some1 has 999 he can restart his map , but if he got fps lag or only so lag he doesnt get restart only 999.
If some1 need to go , or eat , we wont wait , he is just then out!


Braundorf_b4 - Side isn't allowed
et_ice - Side isn't allowed
Frostbite - Side only allowed for Axis

!!!IMPORTANT!!! If you want sign up for cup , you need to register here on tourney , login , click on " Sign up!, wait than and i add you only if youre in IRC and pm me "YES I am here or smth" and ill accept you in cup. Other way you can add me on xfire if you didnt get mIRC.
add them and pm them in xfire that u are active on cup



W:ET War-Server:
(you will get the server pw later from YaKuZa or RazerX,
when you pm YaKuZa or RazerX in IRC/xFire , ONLY FOR CUP PLAYERS)
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